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Nero is the flagship media editing suite available in the market today, period. Their product is by far the best media management suite you can buy. Ive used it for years and any problems i have had have always been attributed to the hardware, not the software. The fact that you can update for free and that Nero constantly improves their product mean that the product stays current and as glitch free as possible. Nero is excellent burning software. All other burning softwares are not as good as Nero and I have not had one problem with them and this version.

I have been using Nero for years and never had one problem with it, none of the errors you people are reporting. Guess I just got a hardware config it likes.

In fact I never have no problems, ever. I forgot to point out, even though I unchecked everything, ever since I installed this virus, ohh sorry I mean software, I have had to reinstall Windows media player three times. WMP is removed from my quickstart, and nero is there. I bought the software because the box said that I could creat slide shows, but when I tried to use it I get a message that I have to buy another version to use more than 30 slides.

OK So I am out 90 bucks. But this crap is not done with me yet NERO isn’t even open! You will need it. Nero used to be essential, but now it’s just bloatware. If I have to use it, I’d be downloading the Lite or Micro versions without all the useless stuff. If you need to do something that NERO don’t offer search for an alternative software. I have been a computer geek for more than 20 years, with vast knowledge of almost all aspects of computing, dont let Nero agents kid you into believing that Nero’s problems are somehow hardware related or something else not to do with Nero I have been trying to get Nero vision to work for several weeks now, on various types of PC’s I have advocated Nero for many years but have removed new versions and returned to 6.

They have reached beyond their grasp and what was reliable burning software has now been loaded with so much junk that it is no longer usable for it’s primary task, burning CD’s and DVD’s. I now use shampoo ver. Agree – Nero used to be great Ver6 and prior but they have added so much junk that it sucks now. I say this as I uninstall the latest install of Ver 7 which keeps crashing on install and read elsewhere that the new version has issues which is something you think they could have working correctly.

Nero Burning Rom is excellent, I use it a lot and after vigorously testing others always come back to Nero. If your having problems with it I’d say slow down Oppy and read the instructions because ya got user errors, and don;t take offense to that just retry, it works great!

I take it you work for nero!! You only have to look on all the nero forums , official and unofficial , to see the large number of people who have problems with nero. The advice given , by some outlets , to purchasers of PCs with nero pre-installed is to un-install. The main trouble with nero is that it try’s to do everything and ends up a mish-mash of programs. This is the best burning software on the market. Who ever says otherwise doesn’t know what they’re talking about or has installed it incorrectly or doesn’t even know how to use it!

Remember you shouldn’t have 2 burning roms on your PC or you risk conflict. The last version of nero that i tried was 7. Out of curiosity i tried 7. Why people use nero , when there is a wealth of good software out there , is beyond me. Installed and worked fine for a few days. Then it killed my ability to access my sound card and kept giving me errors on my SP2. I have a new Sony vaio and it got to the point that the only way I could use the computer was to uninstall the program.

Still has a few bugs in it. But, it worked well for about a week and a half. Although creating dvds from recorded mpegs is a bit easier with Roxio. Nero 7 Premier’s Nero burning rom program never installed correctly although the rest of the suite worked. After a while, sometimes a very short while, Nero 7 files corrupted on this Wins2K machine. Just my experiences! I have Nero 7. Thank you in advance.

Can someone tell me the seettings im suppose to burn the iso on or what media the xbox can play? Since installing Nero 7 – latest version – it has been extremely problematic and unpredictable. I’ve managed to create 5 dvd’s when I first installed – but since then – I have had no success in any Nero Vision burns I write to disk first. I have since given up on Nero 7 and gone back to earlier version 6. There’s something wrong with the “filesize” on the info box As far as the software goes, I’ve always used it and it works great.

No problems here. This is the best copying software on the market at the moment. Roxio is no where near the standard of this so if ya gonna get cd or dvd copying software get nero. I cannot understand how Nero have made such a mess up of their software from 6. I must admit that this 7. Also it should be noted that this release should be compatible with Windows Vista. I have Vista installed and have not encountered any problems with it as it seems to be compatble.

That’s all for now folks! If this mornings review didn’t post, here’s what happened. Nero 7 Recode does work. Just not on the one dvd. Beats anything else I’ve tried. Roxio, Sonic, Dvd x copy-dead now. Only used Dvd Shrink 3 times, and not recently. Word of advice-don’t spend a lot on burning software. Sure, it works now, what about next month? Yesterday Nero 7 Recode gave me a rough time trying to burns dvd movies. As stated, it would not allow usage due to errors and reinstalls of the program and C partition did nothing.

Scouted the Net last night and found few leads on Ebay, Amazon, and retailers. That’s for retail Nero 7. Not 7. Why would I want to go back and purchase another? Roxio 8 and Sonic 7 which are also on my computers force you to use templates and other methods to burn dvds instead of burning directly. DVD X copy is dead. Also wasn’t flexible. Anyway, tried burning 2 other dvds this morning and Recode works fine!

It’s just the one dvd. Computing drives me nuts. Anyone know how to network and secure connections? Like someone else mentioned, do a custom install, not everything is needed. Recode takes anywhere from minutes to encode a dvd file for burning.

My Recode quit today. Error-it needs to close. Will uninstall and reinstall Nero Nero 7 is by far the most complete and best value for the buck. Nero Burning Rom and Nero Express are and have been that standard of excellence fo compare all other products of their kind.

They also have improved and tightened Nero recode II and Nero Vision that they are now the top for equivelent video products. All of these keep being upgraded, debugged and passed on free to all Nero 7 Ultra Edition users. Even the latest upgrade to Nero 7 Ultra Edition Enhanced is a free upgrade to verson 7 users. No one come close to packing all of their useful software, which continually improves and adds functionality. With Nero, it is always true that they are commited to continuous improvement.

The never products of their incredibly large suite keep being enhanced and becoming more and more stable and useful. Working with Multimedia keeps requiring more expertise.

Unfortunately there are many that don’t understand the fact that “they don’t understand” and fly off the handle with posting complaints before they don’t have the expertise, experience and patience to properly diagose problems. It is amnazing that someone complains that Nero has grown with the industry and offers so much functionality in their suite that it bothers them. To complain publically really makes one look so foolish.

It is NOT too complex for anyone. Just don’t use what you don’t want to use. When I need some come complexity, I then will go to Nero Rom, which can do everything that anyone can dream of. Nero Recod II, someone can bring in a file, make a couple of clicks and off it goes. No complexity unless one needs it or wants it. Backitup, use the Wizards if you want.

It is the user’s choice on complexity. The most amazing comment is bluemoon. I would bet my house that bluemoon’s problem is NOT because of Nero, but ignorance, media, PC issues, hardware issues. Probably is he reboots he will be fine. OR, don’t use that cheap media that has a retail stores name on it. Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim not the chinese made Verbatim , and media issues will go away.

I’ve always loved NERO, until i came across v7. It does give a lot more features than v6 , and increased smooth previewing in the new Nero vision 4, but the DVD – encoding is nearly pathetic.

If users were happy with nero 6 and vision 3, stick to that, let NERO fix the tremendous amount of bugs in this version. BTW, for thos complaining about the resources it consumes, first-maintain ur PC and second-don’t install NERO home and home center, it’s unnecessary and resource-intensive. Looks like good old 6. Works for everything I need to do. Two days ago I took nero off my system. Cant believe how huge this thing is. Guess I found out what was causing all my gaming problems.

I wish I could say something positive about this version, 7. I think this is a very good app, and very easy to use with little to no knowlegde. I have never had a problem with it. I have burned , easliy discs with no issues at all. Very poor is not what I would say about Nero. I can think of many more coments that would fit the discription of what it is I think of Nero.

Nero v7. It took me 10 hours to delete almost everything I say almost, because I am still finding bits here and there all over the computer and in regedit. To do this I had to start the computer in safe mode, It was the only way XP would load. I know I will never remove all of Nero 7 until I format the drive, which I intend to do once again shortly. I wish Nero well as they try to work out a better way on how they can control your computer totally, as Windows does, but at least Windows allows you some choices of your own.

You really need to discuss Nero 7 Ultra’s other apps too as Nero Burning Rom is not a standalone product. I have used every part of this Suite currently using v7. Burning Rom works really great.

One of the main burning problems is Media that the burner does not “like. You don’t realize how great a simple burning app like this is until you try to use other burning apps. Nero Vision works great and the latest versions utilize all of the space allocated. The only problem I’ve had with Nero Vision is getting Automatic bookmarks to work. I just don’t use it. Perhaps there could be more options for the Menu Interface, but considering that Nero Vision is only one program in a suite of apps it is well worth the money.

Nero Recode works very well. I believe Nero Digital AVC is currently number one by a small margin compared to the other available codecs for encoding H. Nero Home is difficult to use and needs to be redesigned. I don’t see anyone really using this until it is. As a Suite, if you use two or three of the main apps Nero is well worth the money and the interface while initially daunting to some just makes sense once you’ve used it a few times and the product is amazingly stable despite all the blaming to the contrary.

All-in-all, some amazing improvements, both visually and in the area of performance. Have had no problems with this version under XP I agree with johnaus and sssharp. Ever since they have Nero has upgraded to 7 damn I have heard nothing but B A D stuff like popping etc. I will stay With Nero 6 Untill they fix up the glitches. It takes 2 hours to install then at the last step says sorry cant install must close the program. This one is awful, Nero 6 is faster and easier.

Can’t find anything better than nero 7 and have used nero for Many Years. Don’t Buy!!!! Service packs and drivers are also installed automatically.

Another key feature in the program is automatic software configuration, including WindowXP VinylStudio for Windows 7. Typing Buddy 1. Windows Essentials Codec Pack 5. Text Expander and Application Launcher 1. Members area Download Basket. Next » 4 pages. Sort by: relevance title downloads rating date. Filter: Native x64 Downloads All Downloads. Remember me. Rest assured, you will get highest quality disc every time. Create high-quality and standard Audio-CDs.

With the DiscSpan option, one can split oversized files and burn them on to multiple discs. DiscSpan SmartFit automatically spans large files across multiple discs. The app supports recording on upto 32 different recorders and helps you to create a carbon copy of your data. Set new standards with proven burning technology of the tool. Want to copy and import data and music, burn them to your preferred type disc? Want to keep data safe as well as secure? There are some reports that this software is potentially malicious or may install other unwanted bundled software.

These could be false positives and our users are advised to be careful while installing this software. It’s very likely that this is software is malicious or contains unwanted bundled software.

Users are advised look for alternatives for this software or be extremely careful when installing and using this software. This software is no longer available for the download.

This could be due to the program being discontinued , having a security issue or for other reasons. Nero Burning ROM 6. To keep our website clean and safe please report any issues regarding this download.


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Descargar ahora Nero Burning ROM para Windows desde Softonic: Descarga gratis, % segura y libre de virus. Nero Burning ROM última versión , más. Artículos; Apps. Juegos. Express Burn Free CD Burning Software. PowerISO. Artículos sobre Nero Burning ROM. Noticias. Blizzard Lowers Costs for World of Warcraft Classic Character Cloning. Nero Download Center – Discover our products! Nero Platinum Suite Nero Single Products Nero Content Packs Free Products Free Tools Windows Store Apps More info here. Nero Burning ROM. It’s still the #1 burning software, burning and copying data, video, photo and music to CD, DVD and Blu-ray Discs™. Nero Burning ROM, commonly called Nero, is an optical disc authoring program from Nero software is part of the Nero Multimedia Suite but is also available as a stand-alone product. It is used for burning and copying optical discs such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays. The program also supports label printing technologies LightScribe and LabelFlash and can be used .


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Ei ongelmia tietokoneen tehokkaassa DVD -soittimessa! SecurDisc 4. Nero VR: n avulla voit katsella asteen panoraamakuvia ja panoraamavideoita. Kokeile verkossa ». Anna kuviesi loistaa uudessa valossa tietokoneellasi ja Mac-koneellasi. Lataa Macille ». To the previous versions ». Absolute security and privacy for all your devices – IT Security made in Germany. Javascript scripting is either disabled or not supported by your browser. This site recommends Javascript to function properly.

Nero BackItUp Varmistaa tiedostosi helposti ja nopeasti ulkoiselle kovalevylle, optisiin medioihin tai Pilveen. Nero DuplicateManager Photo Valokuva -arkistosi helppo, nopea ja luotettava puhdistus. Nero Recode Konvertoi ja muuntaa videot ja musiikin kaikissa standardiformaateissa mobiililaitteellesi. Video tutorials How to get the most out of your Nero product. Ilmaiset tuotteet. Nero SoundTrax Miksaa digitaalisia musiikkiraitoja tai digitalisoi analoginen musiikkikokoelmasi.

We aim to provide our customers with high-quality, reliable and user-friendly software solutions without compromising on innovation and state-of-the-art technology. Nero develops software applications and platforms that enable users to smartly edit, organize, backup, convert, or share their photos, videos and music. Absolute security and privacy for all your devices – IT Security made in Germany.

Javascript scripting is either disabled or not supported by your browser. This site recommends Javascript to function properly. Only for a short time! Nero’s strong summer package is here! Minimum system requirements for Nero Platinum. For laptops with two integrated mobile graphics cards, we strongly recommend updating the mobile graphics card drivers for your laptop directly from the system manufacturer’s website only Special minimum requirements for playback, transcoding and video editing of H.

Nero Start – Online preview. Nero Platinum Suite — The original! The multimedia bestseller: All Nero individual products combined in the professional toolbox for your PC. New customers offer! Nero Platinum Content.