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You develop to a certain business spec and a given framework. Maybe I want to see the laundry list of issues down to zero. Again, though, why is your server on Mojave? That needed to be clarified for the many readers that may not have understood your objective. But it allows filemaker pro 14 os mojave free both performance, and faster shifts when technology changes.


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Mojave has many great new features including ways to help you be more organized and stay more focused on your work. Many of you have used Dark Mode before in Mac OS, but this mode is now greatly enhanced, and also works with built-in apps such as Safari, Calendar, Keynote and others. Dynamic Desktop provides two beautiful new desktop backgrounds that change with the light of the day. Stacks provides various ways to organize the clutter on your desktop.

They can be stacked by date, document type, or by tagging files with project-specific metadata. Taking screenshots is a great way to share information with others. Sometimes pictures are worth more than a thousand words! Many of you have used screenshots in Mac OS, but now Mojave takes this to a whole new level.

With the new screenshot utility click Shift-Command-5 you get a new set of tools that you can use to capture a window, a selection, or an entire screen.

You can capture a picture or a recording of a screen or a selection, then choose where to save it. You can even set a timer and show the cursor when doing a recording. There are many other new features in Mac OS Mojave, but these are just a few highlights. Take some time to research app compatibility, and wait until app developers catch up and Apple refines the new OS. To check to see whether the software you use is going to be compatible with Mojave, or to check to see if compatibility has been introduced to a previously-incompatible application, see the website the RoaringApps.

As far as compatibility with your computer itself, TekRevue has a good summary of which computer models are compatible. In general, most MacBooks, Mac Minis, and iMacs that were introduced in or later are compatible. Update FileMaker has released an upgrade for Mojave compatibility. It is now safe to upgrade if FileMaker is an important part of your frequently used applications. The earliest adopters of an operating system are the ones who usually experience the most bugs, and the first update after a major release is where these bugs are addressed ideally.

While you wait, make sure that all the important applications you use are compatible. On the other hand, we feel it is safe to upgrade to iOS 12 which was also released recently for iPhone and iPad. Many iOS apps are already prepared for the upgrade or will release updates quickly.

First and foremost, you must back up your computer before performing the upgrade. Make sure your normal backup procedure is functioning correctly and ensure that you update the backup one last time before performing the upgrade. We recommended that, in addition to your normal backup, you create a clone of your entire hard drive using software such as SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner.

A clone backup creates a fully-bootable backup and could help you get back on your feet more quickly if something goes very wrong with the upgrade. In addition, the process of cloning your entire hard drive may even help you uncover a lurking hard drive issue before you start the upgrade process. This article from Mike Bombich provides a good overview of cloning your hard drive, along with more information about the APFS file system.

As mentioned above, make sure all of the important applications you use have announced compatibility with Mojave. Finally, beware of power outages. A power outage during the upgrade could leave your entire hard drive inaccessible and require a reformatting.

As much as possible, try to ensure that you have a stable power supply when performing your upgrade, and probably a good idea to not upgrade during thunderstorms or other more extreme weather events. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content. Upgrading to Mac OS Stay better focused on your work with Dark Mode and Dynamic Desktop.

Organize your files automatically with Stacks. Utilize a new enhanced tool for taking screenshots. Explore new built-in apps and a redesigned App Store. Stacks Stacks provides various ways to organize the clutter on your desktop. Screenshots Taking screenshots is a great way to share information with others. There are known issues with both FileMaker Pro FileMaker is planning a compatibility update later in Paul – Twin Cities, Minnesota.


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Never run into many of the bugs that everyone says are so bad. It is completely illegal, and rightly so, for Apple to give any of its subsidiaries a competitive advantage!