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Due to some shortcomings, not to mention widespread discontent with the ratings system use of the official Reaktor User Library has dwindled in recent years. This has a couple of effects — one is that the community becomes more fractured as people leave the User Library and post their work on their own sites, another is that the great stuff that does get uploaded often gets missed by many people.

Since one of the greatest benefits of giving away your stuff for free is seeing people use and enjoy your work, I hope to bring some more attention to various projects.

If you have any suggestions for me to check out, leave them in the comments. There is a lot of stuff on this page, all of it somewhat older, but still great. For me, standouts include the Babble On ensemble, a speech synthesizer that is quite impressive and complex, and wXform, an additive synthesizer. Simply choose a preset from the Song Selector instrument and press the play button in Reaktor to check it out.

JJ Clark is also the editor of an online book, Advanced Programming Techniques for Modular Synthesizers , that focuses primarily on the Nord Modular, but has applications in Reaktor as well. The result is a pretty nifty synth capable of making some very strange sounds that are reminiscent of speech but also very digital sounding. A very cool idea with a fairly good implementation, nice design all around. Download here. Colin Brown is one of the more talented builders out there willing to share for free.

His newest ensemble, Echo Grease, is certainly worth grabbing from the User Library you must have a registered copy of Reaktor to access this. Built on top of an old ensemble of his from the Top , this is a fantastic new effect with a lot of depth to it. Before I post a link, I just want to mention some things about the voting system in the User Library.

So, if you enjoy an ensemble from the UL, please give it a 10, folks really do appreciate seeing their stuff do well. Download Echo Grease. Colin is also the force behind some other amazing projects. A few years back we were both working on convolution engines, something that had long been claimed as impossible in Reaktor.

While I was able to get something mostly working, Colin ironed out all of the bugs and posted it to the UL. Here is the original prototype for the Factory Library ensemble Skrewell, by Lazyfish. Crazy sounds, ever morphing and capable of some really weird stuff.

Currently this ensemble and a mod by Rick Scott occupy the top two slots of the Hot Really great stuff! Download Here.

Like I mentioned, I rarely have time to check out much in the User Library or elsewhere, being very busy with my own projects in Reaktor. I would like, however, to regularly update this site with quality Reaktor ensembles from around the web. Even better, we have back-dated this so any purchases you made since have also been credited to your account!

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Flintpope offers free Reaktor ensembles and piano instrument for Kontakt

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Check out Sylvan here. Some might say this ensemble is a one trick pony. Even if so, it does the trick pretty damn well! If you are looking for an effect to crunch up your sounds or simply want to increase lo-fi levels of your master bus, this is the go-to tool right here. Check out Grungelator here. Check out Cloudlab t V2 here. This ensemble download is, in fact, a whole pack of Blocks covering effects, oscillators, modulators, filters, sound processors, and more, making it possible to build your own modular like super-instrument.

Needless to mention the superb quality of each individual Block! This sound clip uses one instance of Akkord and just the effect section of The Infinite Phi Collection. The first bar is dry oscillator chord from Akkord and then the effects are added for comparison. Having been downloaded more than Create a multiverse of celestial sounds with ambient synths from the User Library….

Learn everything you need to produce your first beat, and download free plug-ins to get you started. The dynamic production duo behind The Weeknd, French Montana, and Belly build a spooky ambient trap beat from scratch…. Here’s how you can emulate the sounds of vintage hardware and old-school techniques without ever leaving the box. Add a human element to your cues with composer Reuben Cornell’s advice on adding virtual vocalists into the mix. We use cookies and similar technologies to recognize your preferences, as well as to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and analyze traffic.

Learn more about cookies. If you are into braindance, idm, techno or other electronic music with experimental layers integrated, the integrated randomization functions easily create these layers on the fly, and are very interesting sounding in the vain of Autechre, Funckarma, Phoenicia.

This is where Blinksonic is very strong. I love the tools that help push sound design quickly and efficiently. Tons of preset with randomization functions that are formidable in terms of creativity. These instruments always push me to the experimentation and the creativity, as much in the tones as in their ways of functioning.

I feel that I have not finished having fun with these instruments! The interface is rich with features yet provides immediate interactivity. I enjoy using algorithms to generate random environments and loops within my main mix. The effects section with its LFOs immediately adds dimension to the sound. Excellent tools to reinvigorate my sound library. The moment I had it in my hands I played with it for hours, producing incredible textures and insane beats.

The result is a great workflow and a great output. Haha I love tools that are on par with my laziness! You can now upload and download patches. In the upper right, you will see your download tokens. To start, you are given eight 8 download tokens per hours. They are automatically replenished each day. To gain more daily download tokens, become a contributor! Upload some of your own patches to the community, like some downloads you enjoy, and you’ll rise in status and be a valuable member.

Join [FREE]. Upload a Patch or Bank File. NI Reaktor. NI Reaktor Resources Below are additional resources, commercial patch banks and sound sets, software editors and videos for the NI Reaktor. If you would like to add an additional resource or link to a commercial soundset, click the button below. Advanced patching and scripting for those who want to dive deep.

Runs as a stanalone or vst plug-in.