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Manga Layout and Workflow. In this tutorial, Painter Master Cher Pendarvis demonstrates how to use the new, enhanced dropper tool to sample more than just one pixel! Check out the enhanced options right from the Property Bar. Basic Painting Techniques. Painter Master David Harrington demonstrates some of his basic painting techniques and favorite Painter brushes in this in-depth tutorial.

Texture and Stencils for Photo Artists. Painter Master Aaron Rutten shows us how to use and combine new and existing tools like glazing and texture brushes, stencil dabs, and flow maps to quickly add detail to a painting. Dab Stencils for Fine Artists. Painter Master Cher Pendarvis shows us how to use Dab Stencils to quickly and accurately add fine details, natural light effects, and texture effects to a work!

Interactive Gradients in Painter In this tutorial, Painter Master Aaron Rutten shows you how to use the new Interactive Gradient tool in Painter to create 3-dimensional shading on an image. Character Concept Art Layout and Workflow. Let Painter Master Borislav Mitkov show you his workflow, moving from concept to sketch to full colour. Then, find out some ways to use the new tools found in Painter to experiment with your designs, quickly add light, shadows, details, textures and more to a work!

Photo Art Layout and Workflow. In this tutorial, Painter Marketing Manager Tanya Lux walks us through the new Photo Art workspace, and shows how you can use this workspace to quickly add natural and creative touches to your photo art projects!

Painter Master Jason Maranto gives a detailed look at how the smoothness and volume thickness settings interact. Creative Masking Techniques. Get some tips and tricks from Painter Master Karen Bonaker.

Importing Photoshop Brushes into Painter Painter Master Cher Threinen-Pendarvis shows us how to import Photoshop brushes into Painter, and gives an example on adjusting these brushes to paint nicely in Painter Simple Arrangement. How to Use the Watercolor and Pattern Papers.

Skip Allen, Painter Master, shows off how to use watercolor brushes and pattern papers to bring true-to-life details into your paintings, including flow, grain, and more! Custom Toolboxes. In this tutorial Painter Master Karen Bonaker shows you how to use custom toolboxes to share brushes, papers, patterns, and flowmaps with other Painter users.

Paper and Flowmap Rotation. In this tutorial, you will learn about paper and flowmap rotation, a simple way to add a little more texture to your images. How to Paint with Liquid Ink: Part 1. In this tutorial Painter Master Jason Maranto introduces you to the liquid ink brushes in Painter Liquid Ink vs. Dynamic Speckles. In this tutorial Painter Master Jason Maranto gives a side-by-side comparison of the liquid ink and dynamic speckles brushes.

Image by: Skip Allen. Get in-depth training on how to become a digital artist, the fundamentals of digital art, and how to create your first portrait, your first landscape and even a superhero illustration. Learn how to do illustration with Corel Painter X3. This series of video tutorials will introduce you to the powerful tools available to illustrators of all sorts in Corel Painter. Seattle-based artist and educator Aaron Rutten shares his illustration techniques touching on nearly every aspect of digital painting with Corel Painter.

Watch his video tutorials on a variety of subjects, including landscape painting, still life, impressionism, surrealism, cartooning and abstract art. This series of six short videos walks you through the process of painting a portrait from a reference photo.

Painter Master Aaron Rutten reveals his process, offering lots of insights into the tools and techniques he uses to paint professional-quality portraits. Watch closely to see how he approaches the skin tone, hair, eyes, and shadows. Or just skim through to get a sense of his approach to portrait-painting. New to drawing Manga? Looking for some inspiration or to spruce up your process? Start on this page with our overview or jump straight to one of the specific tutorials below.

Star Wars Digital Art and Illustrations. Download your FREE day trial for Windows or Mac and create next-level digital art with realistic brushes, exciting media, and an array of versatile tools. Home Painting Tutorials. Painting Tutorials kevinhsiao T Painting Tutorials Whether you are a traditional artist or a photo editing aficionado, Corel Painter is the tool you need to create incredible works of art on a digital canvas.

Artwork by Davey Baker. Painter Tutorials. What’s New in Painter Painter Webinars. Painter Webinars These full-length webinars will give you further insight, tips and techniques for creating incredible art with Painter. Save Save Save. Sargent Brushes Master Course. Save Save. Digital Forensic Art Techniques. Digital Forensic Art Techniques In this tutorial series, forensic artist Natalie Murry covers many techniques for creating forensic art in Painter, such as beginner techniques for drawing faces, how to portray ancestry, how to add muscles and age a face, and how to create composite sketches.

Sculpting and Painting Workflow. Sculpting and Painting Workflow With great power comes great results! Painter Tutorials Accelerate your art and turn concepts into your signature style faster than ever with Painter Painter Tutorials Achieve painting perfection with the most realistic and professional digital art studio, with unlimited art materials to delight any illustrator, photographer or fine artist.

Image by Kathleen Casey. Image by Aaron Rutten. Painter Tutorials Our Painter Masters take you on a tour of exciting new features and enhancements in Painter like Audio Expression, Dynamic Speckles, new Particle brushes, custom toolboxes, enhanced layer blending and much more.

Beginner Digital Art Tutorials. Getting to Know Painter. Getting to Know Painter Achieve painting perfection with the most realistic and professional digital art studio, with unlimited art materials to delight any illustrator, photographer or fine artist.

Getting Started with Painter. Getting Started with Painter If you are new to digital painting, or an experienced artist using Painter for the first time, this tutorial series is a great place to start. Concept Art for Beginners. Fine Art for Beginners. Fine Art for Beginners This tutorial series is designed for fine artists who have little or no experience with digital painting.

In cases like these, it is useful to explore some of the more powerful features of Painter. Digital Painting with Oils. With the painting Moon Over Lennox, this project demonstrates loose, expressive brushwork on a simple landscape with an amazing sky. In this tutorial, Painter Master Cher Threinen-Pendarvis takes you the the process of creating a sketch using Wacom Inkling and then finishing the product in Corel Painter.

Inkling is a revolutionary device created by Wacom that allows you to digitally record the process of drawing on paper using the Inkling pressure-sensitive ballpoint sketch pen. Painting Your Pet. In this tutorial, Painter Master Heather Michelle will show you how to use cloning tools in Corel Painter 12 to transform a photo of a dog named Brutus into a painting.

Learn how to create a professional quality work of art from Painter Master Don Seegmiller. How to Restore a Painting. Painter Master Jane Conner-ziser was commissioned to restore an old damaged painting from a church in Italy, and she shows you how in this tutorial. Wet-to-Wet Painting with Real Watercolors.

Download your FREE day trial for Windows or Mac and create next-level digital art with realistic brushes, exciting media, and an array of versatile tools.



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Download Corel Painter is the ultimate digital art studio for anyone ready to expand their definition of creativity. So Advance your digital art style with painted textures subtle glazing brushwork interactive gradients and realistic Natural-Media in Painter All In All Easily transition from traditional to digital art with thick oils dripping watercolors and many other texture-filled strokes. Finally Explore workflow layouts like illustration, fine art, concept, manga and photo art with specialized tools for each style.

Learn more. What do you want to learn today? See how to create different projects in Painter with video tutorials that walk you through every step.

Join experts from around the world as they talk about how they use Painter and share their best tips and techniques for using this unique paint program. Get useful tips and tricks from professional Painter artists working in a variety of creative fields. Visit the digital art gallery to view paintings created by other artists and to share your own artwork.

New Releases. Desktop Enhancements. Networking Software. Software Coupons. Download Now. Premium Upgrade. Editors’ Review Download. Pros Massive library of digital-painting tools: Corel Painter offers hundreds of options for brush strokes, paint styles, textures, and additional media. Cons Steep learning curve: This isn’t new for a Corel Painter program, but it’s an issue that newcomers must face: The learning curve is steep. Bottom Line Corel Painter is the best iteration to date, bringing in a number of new features; powerful, memory-friendly tools; and physics-based painting that in the hands of a master can create true masterpieces.

Full Specifications. What’s new in version Release October 20, Date Added October 20, Version Operating Systems. Additional Requirements None. Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will have gained a solid understanding of Painter’s core tools and features.

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