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How to use Windows 10 Disk Management for partition and disk management? If it is not working, what should you do? Here this post will show you much information about the built-in Disk Management Windows 10 and how to use professional Windows 10 partition manager, MiniTool Partition Wizard, to partition a hard drive, convert disk type between MBR and GPT, convert file system and more.

As you know, Windows 10 is the latest operating system released by Microsoft which is popular with many users all over the world due to its some improvements. But no matter which OS you have installed, it seems that Windows built-in Disk Management has some limitations. Here let’s look at what Windows 10 Disk Management can do. In Windows 10, the snap-in Windows 10 disk utility is also the same with Windows 7 and Windows 8 Disk Management, and it is suitable to make some basic disk and partition management for some personal users.

Here are some features of Disk Management Windows When there is a need, you probably choose to use this free tool to do disk and partition operations, but it is possible that you don’t know how to get to Disk Management Windows Here are three usual ways to help you to open this disk manager. Then input diskmgmt. After entering the main interface, now you can start to do some operations on partition and disk. In this post, we will give you a detailed introduction to Windows 10 disk partition management in five aspects, and then you can know Windows 10 snap-in partition manager well.

After using your PC for a period of time, it is most likely that there are more and more data saved on your hard drive. More seriously, your hard drive is almost full. Windows 10 will prompt you a low disk space warning saying ” You are running very low on disk space on Local Disk C:. Click here to see if you can free space on this drive “. In this case, how to partition a hard drive Windows 10 to solve low disk space issue? You may consider using the disk partition tool — Disk Management to change partition size.

Extend Volume and Shrink Volume are two basic features to repartition a hard drive in Windows However, during the process of expanding a partition, Windows 10 Disk Management not working happens, especially Extend Volume greyed out. Do you know why you fail to extend Windows 10 partition?

In fact, the reason is very simple, and here let’s look at three limitations of Disk Management. From the above picture, you know C drive is not allowed to be extended because there is no unallocated space following it.

In addition, it is possible that you fail to shrink a volume. Here we want to recommend a piece of third-party disk management software — MiniTool Partition Wizard. This free disk manager can manage hard drive in Windows 10 as well as a partition. Free Download. Case 1: when there is no unallocated space or the unallocated space is not contiguous. Step 1: Launch this free Windows 10 hard drive manager, then go to the main interface. Click the target partition take C as an example , and select Extend Partition in the action pane.

Step 2: Next please take some free disk space from other partitions on the same disk. By moving the handle, you can decide how much free space you want to take. Case 2: when there is unallocated space adjacent to the target partition with FAT32 file system.

Step 1: Run this professional Windows 10 hard drive manager to its main interface. Step 2: Then move the black arrow to occupy the unallocated space. Click OK to continue.

At last, click Apply to execute this operation. In addition to repartitioning a hard drive with Windows 10 Disk Management, perhaps you want to use this free utility to do the disk type conversion between MBR and GPT. However, Windows Disk Management requires you to delete all volumes and then do the conversions. To avoid data loss, you should adopt a professional disk manager Windows Free Download Buy Now.

Step 1: Here take a data disk as an example. Run this disk manager Windows The former supports a file larger than 4GB. Nevertheless, there are two limitations with disk utility of Windows During the process of conversion, the situation of data loss won’t appear. In Windows 10, Disk Management allows you to create a new partition with its New Simple Volume feature on the unallocated space or free space.

If there are four primary partitions, which has met the requirements of maximum partition number , but you still want to create a new partition in Windows In this case, you may choose to convert this disk to GPT and then make a new partition.

However, this free disk utility will cause data loss, just as the above content mentioned. This free Windows 10 partition manager allows making a conversion from MBR disk to GPT disk for creating a partition on the data disk, not the system disk.

Moreover, you also are able to change a primary partition to logical, and then start to make a new partition. Step 1: There are already four primary partitions and unallocated space on the target disk. In the main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard, select a primary partition which is next to the unallocated space, then click Set Partition as Logical in the action pane.

Step 2: And then right click the unallocated space to select Create feature. Sometimes you want to remove a system partition in Windows 10 for some free disk space when there are two operating systems on the hard drive. While opening Disk Management, right-click the system partition, you will find Delete Volume function isn’t usable.

MiniTool Partition Wizard has a feature called Delete which can be used to delete all protective Windows 10 partition, including system partition, recovery partition, system reserved partition, and the partition contains page file or crash dump files. Thankfully, MiniTool Partition Wizard is quite helpful. In part 2, we have introduced you some disk or partition operations in five aspects.

Here let’s look at a table about the comparison between Disk Management and Partition Wizard, and then you will learn much about Windows 10 disk manager. In this post, we introduce you the main features of Windows 10 Disk Management, five aspects in managing disk or partition and the comparison between Disk Management and Partition Wizard.

You will get that to use the professional Windows 10 partition manager is a good choice for disk and partition management, which won’t cause data loss. If you have any suggestion or question, please leave a comment below or send your idea to [email protected]. Download Partition Wizard. Summary : How to use Windows 10 Disk Management for partition and disk management?

Click the edition comparison to learn more. If you want to do this work, its Professional Edition is worth recommending. In Windows 10, right-click the Start button and choose Disk Management. Then, click Disk Management from the Storage section. As a replacement for the fdisk command, it was first introduced in XP.

What is the best free partition manager? MiniTool Partition Wizard is one of the best free partition managers. With it, you can easily perform some basic partition management operations, clone disk, migrate OS, recover data, perform partition recovery, analyze disk space, etc. It is a comprehensive partition manager to satisfy your different needs.

How do I find the C drive on Windows 10? It is the same as the previous versions of Windows. Alternatively, you can input this PC to the search box and click the result to find the C drive.



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