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I especially like the mode where the most recent selection is played next and all of your other selections are played from most recent to oldest. Audirvana would not be complete without it, it should be included as it is how I access my music most of the time. Apr 9, Very useful as a remote and nice ui. See all positive reviews. Will not connect to my PC. Tried using 3 different PCs. I rebooted my router and checked firewall to make sure it was allowed access. Didn’t work. The Roon app worked right from the start with my free trial.

Jun 16, Does NOT work. Full stop. How to lose potential customers in one easy lesson! Get it working before asking for money. Am reposting the problem here: using the Audirvana remote app regularly crashes the Audirvana software on my computer. This is using a Macbook and an Iphone, both with the latest Feb software. Have reinstalled several times but no change.

Have posted about this in the community forum several times and it seems a lot of other people have the same issue , but no response. Fyi I’ve used Roon software and its app and they perform perfectly together, but I prefer the audio quality via Audirvana. Still, this remote issue is potentially a dealbreaker.

Jan 28, I agree with the reviewer that said “When it works is good. I can rarely listen to more than two albums in a row before the app freezes and can’t connect again.

How many networks do you think I have at home, for gods sakes? And most of the time I’m at my computer, sitting next to the freaking router! By Ferrara Brain Pan. Never been able to connect my android phone to my desktop PC using same wifi network with app allowed in firewall. Posted numerous times on forum and problem never solved. Apr 11, Every update causes firewall issues. Never connects.

Same wifi firewall allowed. Such a waste. Frenchmen get your act together. Switched to Roon. Jun 25, Basically charging money for a beta version of Studio Rife with bugs, still no Remote support and no communication the developers The forums are of no assistance, mostly smug and condescending posts, replies Stick with Roon is all I have to say Total dumpster fire of an application more.

Mar 3, The app is designed to be very utilitarian. That’s easy enough to live with. The problem I have with the app is that as I scroll through my library artists it randomly stops scrolling. It’s a major bug, and if it was fixed, I would give the app a solid 4. Feb 19, By Stephen Blatherwick. About as much use as a chocolate fireguard!

Loses control of Audirvana after the first track is played and can’t regain control despite restarting the app. For a product this expensive to purchase this level of unusability is not acceptable.

Sorry, just my thoughts. Great app But after a few minutes it invariably loses contact with my computer. To get it to work again I have to not only restart the app, but restart the program on my computer as well. Audirvana has been aware of this problem for months, but no fix. See all negative reviews. No reviews available See All Community Reviews. No reviews available See All Expert Reviews. I must then scroll back to the area I was browsing.

The old app did not do this. Seems like a minor fix and hope it is corrected soon. Annoying to say the least. All issues resolved with the new update. I have to give the remote 5 stars with the update. Much improved iOS remote app for a 1st rate Mac app Nov 23, The sound quality for both setups is noticeably improved with Audirvana, and the recent improvements to the iOS remote app finally make it a match to the quality of the main Mac app that it is meant to control.

The old version was adequate but clunky. The new one is easier to use, provides a much faster link to the computer nearly instantaneous , and is notably better looking. Both the Mac and iOS apps are worth the cost if you value high-quality music. The good with the good Jan 7, Good Show Audirvana!!! The combination of the mac mini with the player and the remote is fantastic!!! Next step, need to connect to a music store that allows you to download hi-res files Great App and Software for Audiophiles Aug 22, Once setup -which can be as complex or simple as you want – it just gets out of the way and lets you get to and enjoy your music, whether it be server based or from a streaming service.

Been reliable Aug 13, I had the prior version and it always hung up but this one is stable. It give me almost everything I get from the desktop but most importantly it lets me choose what I want to hear. Interface is straightforward enough. I use it on both an iPad and iPhone and of course the iPad s easier because it is bigger but both work the same. Jan 22, I fell in love with my music all over again. Bit perfect resolution and snappy, immediate access to all of my music and all of Tidal.

I can’t recommend Audirvana and Audirvana Remote more highly. I am listening to twice as much music as I was before and it sounds great. See all 5 reviews. Nice remote for a great sounding piece of software. It works well but one thing I’d really like is better large Tidal library handling in the remote, there are too many and frequent delays as it gets the next batch of albums as you scroll.. Also if we are talking wishlist please add an a-z scroll panel so we can get to the letter we are looking for quickly.

Mar 22, A welcome addition to the desktop application that will provide the cleanest of digital audio experiences. Minor hiccups during Tidal use, controlling local music seems to be more reliable and sturdy. Haven’t experienced any noticeable problems after a couple months of use. Overall rather satisfied with the remote, but Audirvana truly shines with what it sets out to do, which is prioritze audio output quality within your operating system on your PC.

Much Improved remote Jun 20, This version is more stable than before. It would be nice if the content of remote display and computer tracked each other. I can add individual tracks but not playlists. See all 4 reviews. Good but not good enough Dec 5, I have been using Audirvana and the Audirvana remote app for years.

As a software engineer I appreciate How well constructed both apps are. And as an audiophile I think the the combination produce the highest quality sound in my system that I have heard from a digital front end. But both apps especially the remote can be inconsistent. Sometimes while playing a song the index into the data stream gets corrupted and I get piercings white noise.

Sometimes the database looses its coherence and I choose one song via the remote app but get another. Rebooting both Audirvana main apps usually clears this up. Even with these short comings I would recommend this application.

Buggy Jun 9, My wifi signal is quite strong. May 8, Update: Audirvana has completely stopped working on windows 10 so if you’re a windows user, stay away. Very Handy, but Needs Work Dec 13, This allows me to control Audirvana from my iPad at my listening position. I have been so far unable to figure out how to add items to a playlist. My major concern is that, in album view, it displays a matrix of thumbnail album covers, but does not show the entire name of the album.

It would be very helpful to have the option to have the albums displayed in a list view, with full album titles. See all 3 reviews. Great when it works Dec 18, Although my WiFi connection on both devices is fine. When using MonkeyMote with foobar it works flawlessly. Seemingly Not Tested Oct 22, When showing artists, only the top several will proceed to the artist when selected. This is a problem with the Local library as well as the Tidal favorites.

This is a huge step backward. You can add other folders at any time. Select among our HD service s partner s you have subscribed or wish to subscribe to and connect to them using the identifiers provided by the service s. Your exclusive privilege of a 3-month Free Trial to discover our HD streaming partners, Qobuz and Tidal is waiting for you! The drop-down menu will show all output visible by the app. If you want to take absolute control on the device parameters, you can click on the setting button of this section.

You can now browse your music, search for titles, and start playing songs. Keep in mind that the application has exclusive access to your audio device, which blocks other applications audio, such as Skype, FaceTime or YouTube. Here you can create manual or smartplaylist and organize them in playlist folders using the icons at the top of the playlist manager.

You can do a mix of music from your local library and streaming service as you wish with manual playlists. It is also possible to import and playlists you previously made from other app. Our community-driven forum is a great way to find answers to questions for which other users might already found answers. Feel free to share your experience, and communicate with other audiophiles of the forum. It is a subscription based service, therefore always updated and enriched with the latest features.

Audirvana 3. You have purchased a license of the version 3. Download 3. They offer the same functionalities and audio performance. But of course, they are tailored to work at their best on two different operating systems, so in a way they are:.

Our software is constantly evolving with new operating system and hardware generations coming year after year. The heart of our technology and product value precisely consist in making the most of these environment to guarantee the best possible audio playback quality and customer experience. Keeping our solution always up to date is the service we provide, and so is the addition of new features and the customer support we keep delivering day after day. Subscription is the model that reconciles both objectives.

As a customer, you know you always get the best of what we can provide, and our only goal is to keep you satisfied. See the different options here. Be careful, if someone offers you to buy one as it may probably not be a valid license and you take the risk not to be able to enjoy it.

In particular, you will get a 3-month free-trial advantage to discover our Integrated HD Streaming Partners. To subscribe to Studio you will need to create your account. To know how to create your account, please refer to the dedicated section How do I create my Account?. You can create your Account here. You can manage your subscription directly in your Account. After pausing a subscription, you have access to your billing information and can update it.

Canceling your subscription implies that your billing details are deleted. After canceling, you will need to fill in your billing information to subscribe again. You can pause your subscription directly in your Account. You will still be able to use Studio until the end of the current subscription period. By the way what happened to the Milot code, software based volume control, which was promised to be added later on?

Audirvana volume control questions Software User Interface Feedback. The volume adjustment slider bar in Audirvana 3. Is there any negative impact to sound quality if using the volume adjustment slider? If so, is there a way to not have the volume bar displayed on the screen?

Thanks, Steve. Of course. With few exceptions, digital volume control leads to resolution degradation.


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In the options there is a selection to either use the keyboard volume controls or not. Regardless of how I set this option I cannot seem to control the output volume using the keyboard. I must still use the volume adjustment slider bar on the screen. Is it possible to adjust the playback volume using the keyboard? Hello dsjackso1i think the best way to advise about whether or audirvana volume control free download the software volume control is better activated or ссылка на продолжение is to try by your self.

You смотрите подробнее run a test by deactivate it in the Audio Doownload section in the Audio settings for your DAC in Audirvana and turn your volume in your DAC to the max you want to be and then reactivate it to listen to the difference. Hello Damien3 So I guess in terms of SQ it would be better to keep it in max and control the volume from my amplifier? You must be aware that the software volume control is generally better than the one on bluestacks download pc 10 pro DAC.

I have always heard cojtrol keep digital line voltage at 0db, so the software screws with the original information as little a possible. Then, you want no volume controls on your DAC. The you run some form of transformer volume control. Is this not the best way? One thing that I am not understanding is the changes of the processing with toggling the software volume audigvana on max sound much warmer and darker.

With it off, it sounds more detailed but thinner and a little harsh with a little break up on top. I kind of thought these would sound the same, but they are very different.

What exactly is going on? By the way what happened to the Milot code, auudirvana based volume control, which was promised to be added later on? Audirvana volume control questions Software User Interface Feedback. The volume adjustment slider bar in Audirvana 3. Is there any negative impact to sound quality if using the volume adjustment slider?

If so, is there a way to not have audirvana volume control free download volume bar displayed on the screen? Thanks, Steve. Of course. With few exceptions, audirvana volume control free download volume control leads to resolution degradation. That depends on the volume control implementation audirvana volume control free download a specific DAC.


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I love Audirvana for the superb sound quality over UPnP. Audirvaha remote is extremely useful, but it does frequently drop connection with the Audirvana server. Every time the iPhone or iPad locks, connection is lost. Reconnecting is sometimes instant; but mostly takes seconds or so. And in every listening session продолжить will completely fail to reconnect at least a few times. It is frustrating but still it is better than no remote. Artwork for local libraries require an artwork file in each folder, even if the audio files themselves already contain the album artwork.

Would be great to have the album artwork show нажмите для продолжения he audio files. The sound quality is a extraordinary! This app compliments the Mac app nicely and I use on my audirvana volume control free download as well. Comtrol with Qobuz works very well. For more voulme, see the developer’s privacy policy.

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPad ausirvana. Ratings and Reviews. App Privacy. Information Seller Audirvana. Size Category Music. Compatibility iPhone Requires iOS Mac Requires macOS Price Free.

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Download Audirvana for Mac | MacUpdate.

If not, the monthly cost of using Audirvana across my machines would not be worth it. I’m speechless. You can use a good computer and then bypass its internal audio settings and let Audirvana use its own control which will keep the music and say goodbye to the internal computer noise.